Injection molding

Injection moulding of technical and visual plastic parts

Our company Almiplast s.r.o. is producer of plastic parts and components. At customer's request we are able assemble the components into a complete assembly and deliver the final product. We deliver technical and visual plastic product for electrotechnical, construction, automotive and consumer industry. All based on customer technical documentation or by our own know-how. We can ensure 2D and 3D documentation, produce the steel or aluminium prototype or serial tool, try its function and deliver already finisher product.

Automotive industry

We are concerned in the production of technical plastic parts for the automotive industry. Samples of our production:

  • Clips for fixing rubber seals in car doors

  • Cable grommets

  • Parts for central door locking

  • Plastic carpet grips


Machinery equipment

  • Modern injection moulding machines Wittmann Battenfeld and ChenHsong with clamping force 35 - 100 tons

  • Sorting machine and separators of inlets

  • Conveyor belts

  • Dryers and tempering devices

We provide routine maintenance of tools and their minor repairs without requiring customer investment.

Our services:

  • Injection moulding of plastics

  • Injection moulding of plastics with metal inserts

  • Assemble of components into a complete assembly

We process the thermoplastics including fiberglass fillers, limestone and talc, etc.

We are certified with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2015 by company DNV GL.

Own production program

In addition to custom production, we also have our own production program. We are a manufacturer of construction and consumer products.

  • Tweezers for ticks
    ( 20-year tradition in producing this proven aid. The tweezers are certified of health-attestation.)
  • Food carrier
    ( More color variants and types -  3x 1.2 l and 4x 1.2 l. Certificates of health safety are available.)
  • Dishes for children and babys
    ( Thermosensitive plates with self-detection capability if the food is too hot. This plastic dishes will warn you if there is a risk of scalding of the baby)
  • Gaiger for rainwater drainage from roofs of family houses.
    ( Diameter of inflow pipe is  80 -125 mm. Diameter of drainage pipes is 100 a 110 mm. )
Injection molding
Injection molding
Injection molding
Injection molding
Injection molding
Injection molding
Injection molding